What is Faith Casters?

In July 2018, we began to do research of what the "next big thing" is going to be for online ministry. We had already had success with our online Christian radio station, "Evangelism Radio." During the time since we launched “Evangelism Radio,” we learned A LOT about online ministry!

Although online radio was just peaking when we started, we still grew the radio station to the #1 online Christian radio station in the world (on several occasions as rated by Shoutcast. com).

After doing the research, we realized that Christian Podcasters did not have a hosting and marketing platform that was designed exclusively for their needs. All of the major hosting platforms were “for profit” businesses (there is nothing wrong with that, by the way). These platforms would put Christian podcasters into a category called, “Religion and Spirituality,” 

This means the Christian podcaster’s program would be next to atheists, agnostics, Wiccan’s, Muslims, Hindu and other such programming. If a person would type into the platform search bar a term such as “Life after Death,” the Christian podcast would compete amongst all of the other programs offered in this category.

So, we went to work to find and develop a platform that markets exclusively to Christian podcasters, broadcasters, ministries as well as non-profits and businesses that are run by Christians that operate on Christian principles (think Chick-Filet).  We are also ready to help Christian authors, musicians and others that have podcasts that would like to be part of this novel approach to sharing the Gospel.

So, “FaithCasters” is about to launched!

We are in final stages of website development. We are looking for a small group of Beta Testers to help us out. We are offering some exclusive benefits for those that are interested in helping us test the platform beginning about the first week of November 2019. Our anticipated “official launch” is set for January 2020.

The benefits we are talking about will be discounted fees (for as long as you remain with us) and an affiliate commission (for as long as you remain with us) for every other podcaster you refer (using your exclusive link) and they join our platform as well (your affiliate commission will continue as long as they remain a member or until you cancel your membership).

. If you would like to receive updates on all of this and possibly join our beta test group, please sign up using the link below.

Talk Soon!

Bob Thibodeau

FTF Radio Network

FaithCasters. net 


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