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How To Start A Christian Podcast (or Radio Program)

You may have listened to a podcast or two or just simply heard about podcasting, but how do you start podcasting yourself? Especially if you are a Christian or interested in starting a Christian Podcast?

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Greater Quest Fellowship Ministries

Pastor Randy Morton


Going North Podcast


Dominque Brightmon


The Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast

Pastor Robert Thibodeau

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Mission Bitcoin

Patrick Melder

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Robert helped me to get my podcast/radio program started. Now I have a highly rated program because of his help.

Sean Douglas

Life Transformation Radio

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Find out more about Robert Thibodeau

Robert Thibodeau, founder of the “Freedom Through Faith Radio Network, has been in Christian podcasting and online Christian radio since 2009. He began “Evangelism Radio” in 2010. That online Christian radio station has been helping Christian broadcasters has listeners in over 160 nations around the world. Now, he is focusing on helping Christian podcasters do the same. With a networking platform designed especially for Christian podcasters!