About FaithCasters.net

FaithCasters.net has grown out of our successful online Christian radio station, “Evangelism Radio.” With the increase in popularity of podcasting, we began researching how the major podcast hosting platforms were supporting Christian podcasters. What we found amazed us. Christians were “lumped into” search categories next to pagan podcasts and other false religions. This, in essence, diminishes the availability of the podcasters messages in search results. The few Christian host platforms that did exist did not present a professional image and had some functionality issues.

In 2018, we started the development of what has now become this website: FaithCasters.net! We are absolutely positive you will find this platform meeting all of your podcasting needs, regardless of where you are at in your podcast career! From people just planning their podcast start to veteran Christian podcasters, we have something here that will help you grow even more.

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Our Background

Freedom Through Faith Radio Network started on October 4, 2010 by offering a 24/7 broadcast opportunity for pastors and ministers to share their messages with the world. FaithCasters.net evolved from our highly successful (and highly rated) online Christian radio station, “Evangelism Radio.” By August 2015, we had been rated #1 in the world by Shoutcast. com for the very first time. We have been rated #1 many times since then. Our listener base grew to 167 nations and all 50 states.

But, as in all things Internet related, technology changes. We began researching the different platforms and how they supported Christian Podcasters. What we found shocked us! So we began designing and developing “FaithCasters.net” to support Christian podcasters / broadcasters in this growing online media presence.

Our Mission

From the beginning of our online media ministry, radio station, training programs and now this website, our Mission Statement has (and remains) to help you to “GET THE WORD OUT!”

Do you have questions about podcasting or online radio? I’m confident Robert Thibodeau has the wisdom and experience to help!

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What to expect from FaithCasters.net

Excellent Hosting Platform for those who want the latest technology with the best customer service at an affordable price!

Consistent Marketing Program that drives traffic to this website (and gives exposure to the Christian Podcasters who are part of our family!

Discounts on Training Programs for Podcasters!

Editing and Loading Services for those Podcasters that need this type of assistance!

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