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Pastor Aleris Cooper

Title of Presentation – Producing Diamonds Under Pressure

About Pastor Aleris Cooper

Hello Glorious Ones!!

My name is Aleris Cooper!!

In 2011 I came to Jesus Christ at a local Church in Virginia! That day changed my life FOREVER!

My heart was transformed by Father God’s Love, it was so overwhelming that I wanted everyone to know about it!!

Throughout the last 9 years the Lord led me to attend various training programs and ministeries.

Since mid 2019 I took a sabbatical from fulltime ministry, so I could walk alongside my Aunt through cancer treatments! It has been a privilege, words cannot describe the beauty of the Lord through this time!! I’m in Awe of Him daily!!

Jesus showing me what it truly means to have a servant heart! I am humbled by it!!

There is always beauty for ashes!!

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