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Pastor Brian Jacobs

Title of Presentation: Finding Truth in Crisis

About Pastor Brian Jacobs

Brian Jacobs is from Talladega, Alabama. He graduated Talladega High School and has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alabama.

He has served as a Senior Advisor of Religious Affairs for Congressman Duncan Hunter, United States Senator Rand Paul and White House Senior Advisor and Presidential Historian Doug Wead.

He has been in full time ministry since 1987, which includes the Brian Jacobs Evangelistic Association and its consulting services in over three hundred churches and ministries.

On September 26, 2004, Brian founded Metroplex Family Church. He has authored four books, “It Can Be Done”, “Acts Chapter 29” with Dr. Jonathan Schultz, “Day of Transformation”, “Winning in Adversity”.

He is a certified coach, teacher and trainer with the John Maxwell Team.

Brian married Sheila Moore on September 16, 1995. They live in Fort Worth, Texas with their daughter Allison and two sons Benjamin and Samuel.

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