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Pastor Reginald Gant

Title of Presentation:  The Time To SERVE Yourself to Greatness is Now!

About Minister Reginald Gan

Reginald Gant is a man of many dreams who is out to serve the masses. He is a Business Owner, Amazon Best-selling Author and Founder of the SERVE principles, which he uses to educate others in the pursuit of their dreams and what really matters. In other words, he empowers, equips, and educates others on being the leaders that they were really meant to be.

Reginald proudly serves through providing legal services, living wills, and identity theft protection, offering leadership & coaching programs, career/professional development services, and hosting and leading various community events and efforts.

Reginald Gant is a human resources expert. He and his wife, Hennither, own and operate, Career Image Solutions, an HR Consulting firm specializing in assisting career seekers, start-up businesses, and established businesses with an average of 50 employees or less.

Reginald’s life motto is simple: SERVE to be a blessing to others!

“Contact me today to learn of the various ways I serve and of the ways I can help you serve yourself to greatness.”