In creating "" we conducted almost two years of research and development. A lot of that time was researching the best hosting platform for our podcasting clients.

We checked, tested and compared dozens of companies (most of which you have heard of or are currently using). In our side by side comparisons and after extended conversations with the companies, we found ONE company that stood head and shoulders above the rest.

We are proud to announce our unique partnership with:

Captivate.FM is a state of the art platform that, beats any other platform out there in style, service, technological advancement and pricing. They were rated #2 in the world out of all the hosting companies evaluated – “while they were in beta testing!”  That’s how awesome they are! Here is a link to the article:

One more HUGE benefit:  Some podcasters, at some point in the future, decide to start an additional podcast. With the major existing platforms, that means you pay an additional fee. NOT WITH CAPTIVATE.FM!  You can have as many additional podcasts as you want – for NO additional fees!  In addition to all of the above reasons why Captivate is so awesome, this one reason alone is worth checking them out!

Click the links above or the link below to be taken the Captivate.FM website where you can see for yourself!


After our research and testing of platforms, and discussions with the Captivate.FM team, we were offered the opportunity to become Beta Testers for the new Captivate.FM.

During this time, we offered input and ideas that would benefit our clients (Christian Podcasters). The Captivate.FM staff were ready and willing to listen and did consider some of our ideas in their final product.

To top it all off, CAPTIVATE.FM has offered our clients a great rate plan to accompany their outstanding services and packages! has entered into unique partnership with Captivate.FM that provides you the best rates and the best services in the podcasting world.

After careful consideration by our Board of Directors, we decided this would allow us to keep our price structure in line with other podcast hosting and marketing companies pricing plans.

We understand how podcasters need to watch their budgets (especially if just starting a new podcast).

One of the options for us in setting up was to use our available resources on setting up our own servers, server base of operations and hiring a team to handle the servers, programming and also client support.

The concern was, in order for us to recover our expenses and make enough profit to do marketing and upgrades, the pricing structure would be higher than our secular competitors.

By using Captivate.FM's offer of a partnership with their company, we are now able to offer competitive pricing and all of the great service and support you should expect to receive. And we did that without spending a lot of our financial resources.

This now allows us to spend more on marketing and help to grow the amount of traffic that will see your podcast through this platform!

This creates a WIN-WIN-WIN between you, FaithCasters and Captivate!

If you are looking for great hosting platform, with Christian principles in mind in all that you do - choose CAPTIVATE.FM through today!