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How To Live Stream Your Church Services During the Pandemic

(and Beyond)!

Over these four videos, you will learn how to use available technology to easily, quickly and cheaply LIVE STREAM your church services online.

In this video series, you will learn:

  1. How to Live Stream using Facebook Live
  2. How to set up a Facebook Premier video (what is is and how does it work)
  3. How to record on Zoom
  4. How to record on Zoom AND conduct a Facebook Live at the same time!

We are not charging churches or ministries any fees for this training!

We want to do all we can to help you "Get the Word Out!" (especially in "Such a time as this)!

Just tell us where to send the links in the form to the right and we will get the first video out to you in just a few minutes.

Then, each of the next four days, you will receive one more video each day.

Why do we send them out one day at a time?

Because we do not want to overwhelm you. We have found it is easier for you to watch one video each day, taking about 30 minutes of your time, and you would watch them all over the week.

When we send out all of the video's at one time, most people only watch the first two and then set them aside. Most never get back to watch the rest.

We want to make sure you have an opportunity to watch each and then make your decision about which type of method will work best for you and your church.

When this pandemic is over, you can continue to use these methods to reach shut-ins, members on vacation or days where attendance might be low due to inclement weather!

Thank You for joining our "FaithCaster Family!"  We know you will be able to Live Stream quickly using the training in these videos. Please provide your best email address and your first video will be sent quickly!

(Pastor Bob)

As always, if you have any questions, use the CONTACT FORM on this website to send us an email and we will respond quickly.