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Looking For Hosting?

We have worked out a special opportunity with a state-of-the art hosting platform called “Captivate.FM” which beats just about any other platform out there in functionality and performance! In fact, they were rated #2 in the world out of all the hosting companies evaluated – “while they were in beta testing!”  And they have maintained that rating as of January 2020! That’s how awesome they are! Here is a link to the article:

One more HUGE benefit:  Some podcasters, at some point in the future, decide to start an additional podcast. With the major existing platforms, that means you pay an additional fee. NOT WITH CAPTIVATE.FM!  You can have as many additional podcasts as you want – for NO additional fees!  In addition to all of the above reasons why Captivate is so awesome, this one reason alone is worth checking them out!

Click the links above or the link below to be taken the Captivate.FM website where you can see for yourself!