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How cool would it be to listen to a play list of nothing but inspired voices of believers?

I’m talking about every industry you could imagine, being covered from a biblical perspective.

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We’re talking about a cross-generational, cross-cultural experience that will impact lives in a transformative way.

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A Few Espresso Shot Words From Pastor Bob

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Back in 2010, the Lord put it on my heart to begin a unique platform that would give voice to Christian believers and ministries whom the Lord called to broadcast the Gospel to the world through the Internet.

That gave birth to my first “podcast” (even though I did not know what a podcast was back then)!  This grew into Evangelism Radio which the Lord took to be rated #1 in the world for Christian Talk genre as rated by ShoutCast.com at the time!

But one issue just kept nagging at my spirit… every – single – Christian podcast – was lumped in with various belief systems (including Wiccan’s and fortune tellers, etc.) called “Religion and Spirituality.”

Now, under the inspiration and leadership of the Holy Spirit, a vision the Lord gave me is about to come to pass…

A True “CHRISTIAN PODCAST NETWORK” of believers that will support one another, promote one another and be in one place to impact the podcast and broadcast industry for years to come!

There will be no “outside voices” intruding into your programming promoting ungodly things!


This is private network of believers – on a very public platform – reaching the world with the Gospel!

Praise God!  "Shout AMEN somebody!"

Join Now – and begin to “walk in the Blessing of the Lord” as we share His Word around the world through the power of the Internet!

Pastor Bob Thibodeau