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If you are considering starting your own podcast, you are in good company! In fact, podcasting is the fastest growing segment of media today!  Here are some quick statistics that will prove this point:

44% of Americans have listened to a podcast. This is UP 12 million listeners in just one year (144+ million listened to at least one podcast).

64% of Americans have “heard of podcasts”

26% of Americans listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. That equates to 73+ million listeners!

23% of Americans listen to podcasts in their car!

One commentator says that “Podcasting today is where FM radio was in the 1970’s – just starting to come into its own.”

In fact, you cannot purchase a new car today without seeing a “USB” port included in the dash. That is why so many people are using their phones to play podcasts while driving. And the number of people doing so will only increase!  Airlines are now including USB ports in their seats so people can listen to their podcasts on flights!

There are certain things you will need in order to start your podcast.

  1.     A computer with a microphone and the ability to record (you can also use a smart phone to record).
  2.     A podcast hosting platform (to host your files and make them available to the public).
  3.     A way to promote your podcast to the public (making them aware that your podcast exists).

We can’t help you with the computer or smart phone part (that would have been nice, but it is beyond our ability)!  

You have many choices on hosting platforms. Each company has different features and pricing structures. Too many for us to even make a comparison for. But ONE THING they all have in common (with the exception of us), is this:  They will put Christian podcasters into a category called “Religion and Spirituality” (or some similar name). 

What does that mean?

These companies are all in the profit-making mode. They need to simplify their services to make them as streamlined as possible. There is nothing wrong with that. But it means you give up your uniqueness to be part of the masses. 

If someone were to put into a search bar, “Life after death,” there would be many podcasts that would pop up. Some would be Christian podcasters. Most would be other religions (Hindu, Islam, agnostics, atheist, and others) giving their view on that topic. If you had a podcast on that platform, you would be competing against those other views on this topic to catch the attention of the visitor. 

We decided this was wrong and that Christian podcasters should have a way to allow the unadulterated Word of God to shine forth when someone was inquiring about Spiritual Eternity!

So, we developed “” just for that purpose.

We have worked out a special opportunity with a state-of-the art hosting platform called Captivate.FM which beats just about any other platform out there in functionality and performance! In fact, they were rated #2 in the world out of all the hosting companies evaluated – “while they were in beta testing!”  And they have maintained that rating as of January 2020! That’s how awesome they are! Here is a link to the article:

One more HUGE benefit:  Some podcasters, at some point in the future, decide to start an additional podcast. With the major existing platforms, that means you pay an additional fee. NOT WITH CAPTIVATE.FM!  You can have as many additional podcasts as you want – for NO additional fees!  In addition to all of the above reasons why Captivate is so awesome, this one reason alone is worth checking them out!

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ASSISTANCE IN STARTING A PODCAST - Check out the information and training programs we have available at our PODCAST TRAINING website!

Click the links above or the link below to be taken the Captivate.FM website where you can see for yourself!