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Description of Service Packages


This area will provide you with a good overview off the different Service Packages we are providing Christian podcasters on the FaithCaster platform.

Our mission is to help YOU to "Get the Word Out!"

If you have any questions, please reach out to us through the CONTACT FORM and we will respond as quickly as possible.


$7 per month or $70 annually

This package is for you if you are comfortable doing everything on your own.

  • You know how to record, edit and upload your files to your host.
  • You are comfortable with the host you currently have and do not really want to change anything you are doing.
  • You only want to have a link on to have another channel of advertising and promotion that can drive additional traffic to you podcast / website.

With this level, we will provide your link and logo on our platform.

As we drive traffic to this site through our normal advertising campaigns, visitors can find your information and program here as well. This will allow them to click through the links and end up on your podcast site to listen or get in contact with you!


Basic Podcaster Plan


$37 per month or $370 annually

This level incorporates ALL of the features from the Basic Package, PLUS:

  • Your link & logo will be added to the front page rotation ads on our website...
  • In addition, we will advertise your Logo and Podcast information into ONE of our social media platforms of your choice (Facebook; Instagram; Twitter), one time each week!


Advanced Podcaster Plan


$77 per month or $770 annually

ALL of the features included in the above packages, PLUS:

Instead of promoting your podcast on one social media platform only once per week, we will promote it on all TWO of our social media platforms (Facebook; Instagram; Twitter), twice per week! (Your Choice)!

  • You can split it between platforms each of those days (so you can cover four platforms in one week)!
  • or you can combine them all into one day each week (this is especially helpful if you only release once per week)!

If you decide to HOST your podcast through us and with our partner host company, Captivate.FM, we can load your files to your podcast server for you!

  • You will simply add us as an admin for your podcast with Captivate.FM.
  • This allows us to load the files for you and free up more of your time.
Ultimate Podcaster Plan


$97 per month or $970 annually

This package has ALL of the features of all the other plans into one plan and adds these additional benefits:

Social media your podcast on all FOUR of our social media platforms one time each day - THREE DAYS per week!

In addition:

  • You receive FREE access to our PRIVATE PODCAST GROUP COACHING PROGRAM for as long as you remain a client! ($497 value - FREE)!
  • You have the option of using your podcast as a radio program on our online Christian radio station, "Evangelism Radio!" ( - FREE!  (time slots are subject to availability). Evangelism Radio has been broadcasting 24/7 since October 2010 and has been rated #1 in the world on many occasions by Shoutcast .com with listeners in over 160 nations!
  • Receive a $50 per month discount code you can apply to editing services (editing is an additional charge to the normal fees).



Would you like to have your podcast added to an online Christian radio station?

An online Christian radio station that has been rated #1 in the world on several occasions since its founding in 2010?

Evangelism Radio is the sister ministry of!

  • This online radio station has been operating 24/7 for over 10 years!
  • We have 50+ ministries sending us files each and every week!
  • We have had listeners in over 160 nations and all 50 states!
  • With almost 1.5 Million listeners!

And YOU can be on this platform, too!

All included in this very special price!  You are basically getting BOTH platforms for the price of one!

With this package, we will work with you to find a suitable time slot on our radio station!  You will have the best of both worlds: Your podcast on AND your very own radio program (with a dedicated day/time slot) on Evangelism Radio!

  • Time slots are subject to availability.
    • There are only “so many hours” available in a week.
    • Time slots are on a “first come, first served basis.
  • Many slots are already claimed, but we will work with you to find one that works for you!


PRO Podcaster Plan

Please review the features of each of these packages and choose the one that best meets your needs, desires and budget. You can always upgrade your package if you desire to do so!

In addition, we offer a 30 Day, 100% money back guarantee on all HOSTING packages!  No questions asked!  Just let us know before the first 30 days expire and we will refund your full purchase price!  (editing services are separate charges).

Remember, was “Developed BY Christian podcasters FOR Christian podcasters!”  We knew what “we were looking for" in hosting and marketing from a Christian perspective.

When it could not be found, we built it! From the ground up!

This entire platform and ministry was designed to help YOU to “Get the Word Out!”

Whether it is to help build your business, your non-profit, promote your books or allow you to preach the Gospel to the world (or, if you are church or ministry, to be a home “archive” of your sermons) – is here for you!

Please reach out to us via the Contact Form if you have any questions…