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For Such A Time As This...

Thank you for assisting us in underwriting the cost of this event.

Your generosity is truly appreciated.

Our purpose in holding this event is to help pastor, churches and ministries to share the Good News with those who are hurting right now.

Unable to attend formal church services and realizing this nation needs REVIVAL right now...

We have launched a massive undertaking that can only be attributed to God...

Putting together a huge event like this in only 10 days time is almost impossible...

"Almost" because with out God, "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!"

And I made the commitment that this event would be FREE for ALL concerned...

The attendees as well as the presenters...

So the fact that you were led by God to help offset some of those costs to our ministry at "such a time as this" is truly appreciated.

We are a 501-c-3 so if you provided your contact information, you will receive a confirmation letter from us that you can use for income tax purposes.


Please stay in touch!  We'd love to hear what you thought of the event!


Talk Soon,


Pastor Bob Thibodeau

Background on How Came To Be, Robert Thibodeau was founded by Robert Thibodeau.
A 12 year Army veteran and retired police supervisor, Robert was Ordained in 2001.

In 2010, he founded, what is now, "Evangelism Radio" and grew it to become the #1 rated online Christian radio station in the world on many occasions (as rated by

In 2020, Robert launched "" after almost two years of research, planning and development. This Podcast Hosting & Marketing Company is formed to provide Christian podcasters a safe place to host and promote their podcasts while sharing the Gospel with the World! has been "Designed by Christians FOR Christians!"

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